Phyto 350 – The Natural Facelift Supplement

Jun 1, 2015


Phyto 350 – The Natural Facelift Supplement

Phyto 350 – Advanced Phytoceramides Formula

Phyto 350 is a safe herbal product wholly derived from plants which can significantly improve the appearance of your skin. Because this product is taken in oral form rather than applied to the skin it works from the inside out to replenish ceramide layers which diminish with age. Moisturising creams applied to the face are unable to penetrate far enough to reach the layers beneath the surface, which is why this product is able to work on a much deeper level.

Phyto 350 contains essential vitamins to help repair damaged skin. Vitamin A to reduce wrinkles and fade dark spots, Vitamins C and E to counter aging free radicals and Vitamin D to counteract sun damage and encourage new skin growth.


What is Ceramides And How It Work?

Ceramides are fatty lipids which are found in high concentrations in skin cells and they make up approximately 40% of the structure of the skin. They help to create a protective layer of the epidermis, preventing the evaporation of vital water and acting as a barrier to harmful microorganisms and sun damage. As the skin ages and ceramides reduce there is less moisture, wrinkles and dark spots start to form and the appearance becomes less youthful.

How Phyto 350 Work

Using Phyto 350 daily over a period of weeks can reverse the appearance of aging by re-hydrating the skin. They are really easy to take and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, starting to work their magic as soon as you begin to use them. You need to be patient as you are unlikely to see results over night but within a matter of weeks the improvement will be really noticeable. The result will be smoother, firmer, younger looking skin with fewer lines. Your friends might even think you’ve had a facelift and you can smile knowing that you have achieved that effect with less pain and less cost!