Illuminatural 6i Results – Advanced Skin Lightener

Sep 5, 2015

illuminatural 6i

Illuminatural 6i Results – Advanced Skin Lightener

My short review about Illuminatural 6i

This product is amazing. It smells great. I love the smell because other skin lightening products have a very strong chemical smell that is very repulsive. This one smells lovely and inviting, slightly like chocolate. Upon application, my face felt nice and fresh.

illuminatural 6iThe cream is light and refreshing, not heavy and weighing down my skin. My face is covered in freckles and I also have one dark mole on my neck that I’ve always hated and I’ve spent years looking for a good skin lightening product to hide the appearance of my terrible freckles.

Most of the products I’ve used in the past either didn’t work, or smelled so bad that I couldn’t bring myself to use them for longer than a few days. But Illuminatural 6i is the best thing that’s happened to me so far.

How long to use Illuminatural 6i?

The recommended period for use before seeing results is about 90 days, but after three weeks I had already started seeing improvement in my freckles. They weren’t completely gone yet but they already looked lighter, and some of the smaller ones were even almost completely gone. I was so excited so I continued using illuminatural 6i for the rest of the 90 day period and my whole face looks amazing.


I even began applying it to the spot on my neck and I am starting to see improvement there as well! I cannot believe the amazing change I’ve seen in my freckles. I’m so glad they are starting to disappear and most of them have faded completely to match my natural skin tone and even the larger, darker ones have lightened up enough to be easily covered with makeup. This is the best skin lightening product I’ve ever tried and I have already recommended it to a few friends. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to clear a few small skin blemishes.

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